A new era in low emissions shipping is here.

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Our mission is to invest in the decarbonization of shipping, and to fund projects that support a zero-emissions future.


Clean Marine Energy is an infrastructure development group that designs and capitalizes projects that directly lower emissions in the shipping industry. The path to zero-emissions in shipping is long, but first starts with the transformation of vessel fuel from today’s high emissions, petroleum-based fuels (heavy fuel oil, etc) to cleaner-burning fuels. As shipping continues to follow the path to zero emissions, CME will continue to offer creative financing solutions, leverage innovative technologies, and partner with best-in-class industry partners to realize a more sustainable future.


What We Do


LNG Fueling Insfrastructure


Build clean LNG fueling infrastructure to enable the conversion from heavy fuel oil and diesel  to cleaner-burning natural gas.

Hybrid Electric Financing


Finance the widespread installation of hybrid battery storage technology onboard ships for low-emissions electric propulsion.

'Scrubber' Financing


Finance fleet-wide installations of SOx / NOx emissions-reducing 'scrubbers' to meet upcoming 2020 ECA regulations.

'Smart Ship' Digitalization

Fund the digital innovation of autonomous vessels, optimization, and blockchain smart contract systems to drive higher efficiency.


Magnitude of Shipping Emissions


Annual shipping emissions are equal to the world's 6th largest country, and a major contributor to global climate change.

The global fleet of ships operates non-stop, continuously emitting greenhouse gas emissions (CO2), SOx, NOx and dangerous particulate matter. Primarily fueled by Heavy Fuel Oil, the shipping industry is on the verge of a fueling transformation… and our mission is to help facilitate and accelerate this evolution. In order to understand shipping emissions, it helps to think of the magnitude of the maritime industry, and how much we rely on it. To see all ships moving around the globe, and the associated carbon emissions click here.


Our Team


The CME team is a tight-knit, highly motivated group that works quickly and effectively to help ship owners reach their emission reduction goals. Our mission is crystal clear, we wholeheartedly believe in what we do, and we don’t let barriers get in the way of forward progress. We are friends that enjoy working hard together. We are outdoorsmen and skiers that want to see our snow stick around for generations to come. We are parents and spouses that care about the health and future of those we love. We believe climate change needs to slow down to sustain our quality of life as we know it. We find the shipping industry absolutely fascinating and we believe that the industry has the ability to change – one ship at a time.